Keely H.

Overall A Great Experience

Mike sold our house in less than 3 days for well over asking price. He also helped us purchase a new property with an additional lot. He has an excellent background in both finance and builder expertise which combined fetched us a higher price than expected. He also has very good connections  with mortgage people and closing lawyers so the whole process was amazingly seamless. Overall a great experience…who says that when it comes to selling a house.  But it happened with Mike Ball!

Derek H.

Works With An Outstanding Photographer

Had a great eye for showing our house. Works with an outstanding photographer that made our house look amazing. Has much broader real estate background than previous agents we have worked with. This was extremely helpful in working though various buying and selling scenarios.

Oleg B.

Secure A Fantastic Deal

I had a pleasure working with Michael on my first sale of the house. The whole process went smoothly, as Michale helped me to navigate the complexities of the real-estate market. Ultimately, he managed to secure a fantastic deal in slow market conditions. The whole process took place while I was overseas, and Michael was extremely helpful in staging the house for sale, and then in clearing it out after the sale.  

Sands W.

Mike Is A PRO

I will be short…Mike is a PRO. He was the third realtor that we used on this property. He did all the right stuff, both for Mary and I, and for our prospects.
I told Mary after a couple of weeks with Mike that he was different, and would sell our property. He was even better than I originally
thought. His expertise in helping us come up with the price and the listing led to a quick sale, and a very quick closing.
I have bought and sold more resort properties than I care to remember. Mike is the best realtor ever. If you have real estate to sell, he’s your man.

Lee N.

Very Professional And Very Motivated

I have worked with Mike on several occasions.  He was most helpful and continues to be as we search for the perfect property.  Mike has done a lot of leg work, meetings, investigations on my behalf.  I find him very knowable, very easy to communicate with and very open to my particular needs. Mike is very professional and very motivated.  He brings lots of options to the table.  I’m sure we will find exactly what I need soon. Through my experience. I can recommend Mike Ball for your real estate needs.

Chris A.

A Great Resource

This was my first time buying a home, so I knew very little about the process. Michael was a great resource for explaining the kinds of things I should consider at each step in the process. He got to know me and my preferences well and used that to help me find a great home. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house in the Charlottesville area.

Carlton B.

A Deal I Didn’t Think Was Possible

Our situation was unique in the sense that we wanted to sell; but timing was just about as important as price. He was able to find us a deal I didn’t think was possible. Our replacement house was just getting underway (about six months away from completion). He was able to find a buyer willing to give us the time we needed.

Dan K.

Great Job Marketing

Michael helped assess the true value of the house to price it correctly. Michael did a great job marketing our in a short period of time. My wife and are very satisfied with Micheal.

Anthony A.

Definitely Gets My Approval

Micheal was selling a lot in the same subdivision as my lot. He contacted me and asked if I was interested in selling my lot. I live 3000 miles away and had only conversed with Michael by phone or email. After being very cautious I finally decided to have Michael list my property. A few months later I got a reasonable offer and we closed a couple months after that. I never met Michael in person and everything was done online and by mail. Like any normal person I worried about the process but everything went smoothly and I was wired the funds on the day of closing.
Michael definitely gets my approval.

Leslie M.

In-Depth Knowledge

Partnering with Michael for professional realtor assistance is like working on an exciting project with a dream-team (sorry, I have a business background)….He has an in-depth knowledge of the entire Charlottesville region. He’s very connected. Mike is such a pleasure and has a great sense of humor; this makes him so.

Mary F.

Always Available

Mike contacted me initially after I had taken my home off the market due to a disappointing 3 months with a previous realtor. He met with my husband and me and listened to our concerns. He presented a plan to get our home sold at a reasonable price by the end of the year. Our home immediately had more interest with several people visiting. Mike reached out to these potential buyers to get feedback. He was always available. Our home sold and we closed this month.

Katie S.

Previewed Homes

Mike Ball was an excellent agent in helping us find a house in Charlottesville. As we were not local, he previewed homes for us. He was quick to understand our needs, and did a great job of finding homes that were perfect fits for our needs. He was very responsive, and went above and beyond to help us get settled into our house! I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Charlottesville area!

Tina K.

Exceptional Knowledge and Experience

Michael is an amazing realtor with exceptional knowledge and experience. He is professional, courteous, communicates, and is always willing to provide information and guide you through the home buying process. I highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for a realtor!

Claire P.

Used Creative Means

Michael Ball did what two other realtors could not! He managed to sell our previous house which had been on the market on and off for five years in between renters. Michael used creative means to cast a wide net to local residents and realtors including creating virtual, furnished images of the house, offering a gift card to local residents for referrals, and regularly sending updates to realtors. He was very responsive to questions and managed to find a buyer for us. We couldn’t be more thrilled! We highly recommend Michael to help you sell your home.