There’s a building, or home, or piece of land that exists physically in the world and is capable of eliciting feelings. That matters to me.

I grew up in Western Massachusetts (it’s a lot like Charlottesville only so very, very cold) and moved to Charlottesville full time at the age of 18 to attend the University of Virginia where I graduated with a degree in both English and Economics which I will admit is a strange combination. I also earned my MBA from the Darden School at UVA, where I received the Faculty Award for Academic Excellence. Upon graduation, I was at an inflection point. As a newly minted MBA, I had opportunities to leave real estate which was just entering a brutal and historic downturn. I chose to stay in real estate for two reasons. First, I love the tangible aspect of real estate coupled with its emotional resonance. Second, people come and go in and out of real estate based on how hard or easy it is at any given moment. To persevere during a trying time would make me that much more experienced and seasoned when the better times inevitably resurfaced.

I have worked in residential construction and development in the Central Virginia region for over 20 years. During that time, I worked as the Vice President of Finance for a residential construction firm that received the “America’s Best Builder Award” from Builder Magazine (I’m even quoted in the article!).

More recently, I worked as the Chief Financial Officer for a residential construction and development firm overseeing over $150 million in residential real estate sales.

During my time working with these companies, I shepherded the sale of over 200 residential lots and over 400 residential homes, negotiated leases on over 200,000 square feet of commercial space, was involved in dozens of large tract land sales and acquisitions, as well as oversaw the purchase and sale of dozens of office buildings.

As I mentioned earlier, after helping to navigate two companies through the financial and real estate crisis that began in 2008, I pursued my real estate license in late 2018. In the three years since I’ve been a licensed Realtor I have closed over $11,500,000 in real estate transactions.

In my spare time I enjoy chauffeuring my son to various hockey commitments and watching movies I shouldn’t with my daughter (Million Dollar Baby for one). I’m an avid reader and am currently tackling War and Peace (it’s actually quite enjoyable).