Download a general overview of the buying process. To build upon that overview:

  • The seller generally pays my commission.
  • An important part of the process is completing a buyer questionnaire which helps me understand what you’re looking for in a home.
  • Thanks to my extensive experience in real estate in Central Virginia I can help you find a mortgage broker to get pre-approved before we start looking at homes.
  • I use a two step process to find your ideal home. First, I set up an automated search based on your answers to the buyer questionnaire. This search will automatically send you an email whenever a new property that matches your criteria hits the market. Second, every day I view homes new to the market and recently back on the market to make sure that a property that doesn’t match every search criteria but may be ideal for you doesn’t slip through the cracks. This combination of automation and manual work is critical to finding the right home.
  • Most particularly for out of town clients (but for any client really) I can preview homes and offer my feedback saving you time.
  • Once it comes to negotiating a contract and shepherding a contract to closing my experience in overseeing hundreds of transactions is invaluable as an advisor.


Download a general overview of the listing process. To build upon that overview:

  • There’s absolutely no commitment for me to provide you my thoughts on your home’s value.
  • At Darden I learned the only way to truly understand value is to triangulate. That’s why I use at least six different data sources (some available to the public and some proprietary) to ascertain a value range.
  • Once I am prepared to list your home the most critical component is the photography. Every image on this site was taken by my photographer for my listings. View my gallery to see how we are creative in showing the layout of a home, the special details of a home, and generally presenting your home in the best possible light.
  • I don’t “list and pray”. I actively market your home through email campaigns, web sites, social media, and print. I jokingly refer to it as “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” as I market by every avenue possible.
  • Most critically, between my photographer and print media, I spend my own money on your listing before I even go live with your listing. That’s money I don’t get back unless I help you achieve your goals. I have skin in the game. Our goals are aligned from the very beginning.
  • With my time in Central Virginia, Darden, and a national brokerage I increase the likelihood of an out of town buyer seeing your listing.
  • As with my buyer clients, once we get to contract negotiation and moving toward closing I have a depth of experience that is unparalleled.